Author: Yamaguchi, S.
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TUP012 Smith-Purcell Radiation Emitted by Pico-second Electron Bunches from a 30 keV Photo-Electron Gun 66
  • M.R. Asakawa, S. Yamaguchi
    Kansai University, Osaka, Japan
  In this paper, an experiment to generate Smith-Purcell radiation using pico-second electron bunches is reported. The electron bunch was produced by a DC 30 keV photo-electron electron gun driven by a 100 fs Ti:sapphire laser. The charge of the bunch varied from 1 pC to 300 pC by changing the laser power. Smith-Purcell radiation experiment was performed with the central part of the entire electron bunch. Estimation of pulsewidth of the bunch based on the envelope equation showed that the pulsewidth of the bunch at the anode electrode increased from 0.8 ps to 3.2 ps as the bunch charge increase from 0.1 pC to 11 pC. Such electron bunch was traveled along the surface of the metallic grating with a period of 2 mm. The radiation wavelength was estimated to be 4 mm at an obserbation angle of 10 degree. The radiation power was measured by a bolometer and quadraticallly increased with the bunch charge. Numerical simulation of this experiment indicated the enhancement of the harmonic components of the radiation. We are now constructing a THz-TDS system to measure the time-trace of the electric field of the radiation.  
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