Author: Schmidt, B.
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WEP012 THz Spectroscopy with MHz Repetition Rates for Bunch Profile Reconstructions at European XFEL 350
  • N.M. Lockmann, C. Gerth, B. Schmidt, S. Wesch
    DESY, Hamburg, Germany
  The European X-ray Free-Electron Laser generates most powerful and brilliant X-ray laser pulses. Exact knowledge about the longitudinal electron bunch profile is crucial for the operation of the linear accelerator as well as for photon science experiments. The only longitudinal diagnostic downstream of the main linac is based on spectroscopy of diffraction radiation (DR). The spectral intensity of the DR in the THz and infrared regime is monitored by a four-staged grating spectrometer and allows non-invasive bunch length characterization based on form factor measurements in the range 0.7 - 60 THz. As the readout and signal shaping electronics of the spectrometer allow MHz readout rates, the longitudinal bunch profile of all bunches inside the bunch train can be characterized non-invasively and simultaneously to FEL operation. In this paper, form factor measurements along the bunch train will be described and presented as well as the resulting reconstructed current profiles.  
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