Author: Schmid, S.A.
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THP009 Space Charge Field Beam Dynamics Simulations for the THz SASE FEL at PITZ 606
  • S.A. Schmid, H. De Gersem, E. Gjonaj
    TEMF, TU Darmstadt, Darmstadt, Germany
  • M. Dohlus
    DESY, Hamburg, Germany
  • M. Krasilnikov
    DESY Zeuthen, Zeuthen, Germany
  Funding: This work is supported by the DFG in the framework of GRK 2128.
A proof-of-principle experiment on a THz SASE FEL is under consideration at the Photo Injector Test facility at DESY in Zeuthen (PITZ). One of its options assumes utilization of 4.0 nC bunches at 16.7 MeV [1]. In this operation mode, space charge interaction strongly influences the dynamics of the electron beam inside the undulator. In this contribution, we investigate the beam dynamics in the THz undulator of PITZ using a particle-particle interaction model based on a Lienard-Wiechert approach. We analyze the influence of retardation and radiation fields on the beam dynamics resulting in the microbunching effect. Furthermore, we compute the radiation field and estimate the radiation power at the exit of the undulator. The validity of the underlying numerical models is discussed.
[1] M. Krasilnikov et al., in Proc. ICAP’18, Key West, USA, paper TUPAF23, 2018
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