Author: Sasaki, S.
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WEP104 A High-Power, High-Repetition Rate THz Source for LCLS-II Pump-Probe Experiments 556
  • Z. Zhang, A.S. Fisher, M.C. Hoffmann, Z. Huang, B.T. Jacobson, P.S. Kirchmann, W.S. Lee, A. Lindenberg, E.A. Nanni, R.W. Schoenlein
    SLAC, Menlo Park, California, USA
  • S. Sasaki, J.Z. Xu
    ANL, Lemont, Illinois, USA
  Experiments using a THz pump and an x-ray probe at an x-ray free-electron laser (XFEL) facility like LCLS-II require frequency-tunable (3 to 20 THz), narrow bandwidth ( ∼ 10\%), carrier-envelope-phase-stable THz pulses that produce high fields (>1MV/cm) at the repetition rate of the x rays and well synchronized with them. In this paper, we study a two-bunch scheme to generate THz radiation at LCLS-II: the first bunch produces THz radiation in a permanent-magnet or electromagnet wiggler immediately following the LCLS-II undulator that produces X-rays from the second bunch. The initial time delay between the two bunches is optimized to compensate for the path difference in transport. We describe the two-bunch beam dynamics, the THz wiggler and radiation, as well as the transport system bringing the THz pulses from the wiggler to the experimental hall.  
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About • paper received ※ 23 August 2019       paper accepted ※ 17 September 2019       issue date ※ 05 November 2019  
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