Author: Machau, K.
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WEP045 Status of the Klystrons for the European XFEL after Commissioning and First User Operation Phase 420
  • V. Vogel (Fogel), M. Bousonville, A. Cherepenko, S. Choroba, H.-J. Eckoldt, T. Grevsmühl, V.V. Katalev, K. Machau, P. Morozov, B. Yildirim
    DESY, Hamburg, Germany
  At present 26 RF stations for the European XFEL are in operation. Each of the RF stations consists of a HV modulator located on the DESY campus, up to 1600 m long 10 kV HV cables that connect the modulators and the HV pulse transformers located in the underground tunnel, the horizontal multi-beam klystron (MBK), and an air filled waveguide distribution system (WG) between the klystron and the cavities input couplers. The klystrons can produce RF power up to 10 MW, 1.5 ms RF pulse length and 10 Hz repetition rate. Two RF stations of the injector have already achieved about 30,000 hours of operation, RF stations of the XFEL bunch compressor area have operated up to 20,000 hours and the klystrons in the XFEL main linac already have about 18,000 hours of operation. To increase the lifetime of the klystrons we are using a fast protection system (KLM) that is in routine operation since 2018 in addition to the common interlock system. In this article we will give a summary of the present klystrons operation status including the number of HV and RF arcs in the klystrons and in the WG system and operation statistics for the high power RF part of machine.  
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