Author: Litvinenko, V.
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Commissioning of CW FEL Amplifier for Coherent Electron Cooler  
  • V. Litvinenko
    BNL, Upton, New York, USA
  V.N.Litvinenko for CeC team An FEL-based Coherent electron Cooling (CeC) has a potential to significantly boosting luminosity of high-energy, high-intensity hadron-hadron and electron-hadron colliders. In a CeC system, a hadron beam interaction with a cooling electron beam is amplified using a high gain FEL. In contrast with the typical FEL applications, the CeC needs a linear amplifier, e.g. the FEL has to be operating in a linear regime without saturation. The CeC FEL is comprised of three helical wigglers and is driven by 14.5 MeV electron beam from CW SRF accelerator. In this talk we present results of successful commissioning of such FEL amplifier.  
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