Author: Kwon, D.
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WEP030 All-Fiber Photonic, Ultralow-Noise, Robust Optical and Microwave Signal Generators for FELs and UED 382
  • J. Kim, I.J. Jeon, D. Kim, D. Kwon
    KAIST, Daejeon, Republic of Korea
  Funding: National Research Foundation of Korea (2018R1A2B3001793) and Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute
Optical timing and synchronization is becoming a more important and essential element for ultrafast X-ray and electron science. As a result, compact, ultralow-noise, mechanically robust and long-term stable optical and microwave signal generators are highly desirable for future XFELs and UEDs. Here we show that the combination of mode-locked fiber laser and fiber delay-based stabilization method enables the generation of ultralow-noise optical and microwave signals. We show that all-PM fiber lasers can provide excellent mechanical robustness: stable laser operation over >1 hour is maintained even in continuous 1.5 g vibrations [1]. Using a compactly packaged fiber delay as the timing reference, we could stabilize the repetition-rate phase noise of mode-locked lasers down to -100 dBc/Hz and -160 dBc/Hz at 1 Hz and 10 kHz offset frequency, respectively, at 1 GHz carrier, which corresponds to only 1.4 fs rms absolute timing jitter [1 Hz - 100 kHz] [2]. With DDS-based electronics, low-noise and agile microwave frequency synthesizer was also realized [3]. This new class of photonic signal generator will be suitable for master oscillators in various accelerator-based light sources.
[1] D. Kim et al., Opt. Lett. 44, 1068 (2019)
[2] D. Kwon et al., Opt. Lett. 42, 5186 (2017)
[3] J. Wei et al., Photon. Res. 6, 12 (2018)
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