Author: Felber, E.P.
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WEP007 Usage of the MicroTCA.4 Electronics Platform for Femtosecond Synchronization Systems 332
  • M. Felber, E.P. Felber, M. Fenner, T. Kozak, T. Lamb, J. Müller, K.P. Przygoda, H. Schlarb, S. Schulz, C. Sydlo, M. Titberidze, F. Zummack
    DESY, Hamburg, Germany
  At the European XFEL and FLASH at DESY optical synchronization systems are installed providing sub-10 femtosecond electron bunch arrival time stability and laser oscillator synchronization to carry out time-resolved pump-probe experiments with high precision. The synchronization system supplies critical RF stations with short- and long-term phase-stable reference signals for precise RF field detection and control while bunch arrival times are processed in beam-based feedbacks to further time-stabilize the FEL pulses. Experimental lasers are tightly locked to the optical reference using balanced optical cross-correlation. In this paper, we describe the electronic hardware for supervision and real-time control of the optical synchronization system. It comprises various MicroTCA.4 modules including fast digitizers, FPGA processor boards, and drivers for piezos and stepper-motors. Advantages of the system are the high-level of integration, state-of-the-art performance, flexibility, and remote maintainability.  
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