Author: Dijkstal, P.
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Generation of Sub-Femtosecond X-Ray Pulses at SwissFEL  
  • A. Malyzhenkov, Y.P. Arbelo, S. Bettoni, P. Craievich, P. Dijkstal, E. Ferrari, P.N. Juranič, E. Prat, S. Reiche
    PSI, Villigen PSI, Switzerland
  We report on the first generation of sub-femtosecond hard X-ray FEL pulses at SwissFEL. A few microjoule pulses with a single spike in the frequency domain have been predicted by simulations and then experimentally demonstrated. Ultra-short X-ray pulses are produced by the electron bunch with a specially-tailored current profile and longitudinal phase space. This configuration is achieved by means of an optimized nonlinear compression. Two- and three-stage nonlinear compression schemes are compared in terms of FEL performance and stability. We also discuss different FEL lasing regimes that can be realized depending on the particular configuration of the electron beam and undulator settings.  
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Emittance Measurements and Minimization at SwissFEL  
  • E. Prat, M. Aiba, S. Bettoni, P. Craievich, P. Dijkstal, E. Ferrari, R. Ischebeck, F. Löhl, A. Malyzhenkov, G.L. Orlandi, S. Reiche, T. Schietinger
    PSI, Villigen PSI, Switzerland
  The transverse emittance of the electron beam is a fundamental parameter that determines the performance of free-electron-lasers (FELs). In this contribution, we present emittance measurements carried out at SwissFEL, the X-ray FEL facility that recently started to operate at PSI in Switzerland, including a description of our measurement methods and optimization procedures. We obtained slice emittance values at the undulator entrance down to ~200 nm for an electron beam with a charge of 200 pC and an r.m.s. duration of ~30 fs. Furthermore, we achieved slice emittances as low as ~100 nm for 10 pC beams with few femtosecond duration.  
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