Author: Baader, J.E.
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WEP067 Development and Commissioning of a Flip Coil System for Measuring Field Integrals 484
  • J.E. Baader
    UNICAMP, Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil
  Funding: CAPES grant numbers 88881.134183/2016-01; DOE contract DE-AC02-76SF00515 in support of the LCLS-II project; and FAEPEX-UNICAMP grant number 519.292/94550-19.
Many techniques for measuring magnetic fields are available for accelerator magnets. In general, methods based upon moving wires are suitable for characterizing field harmonics, and first and second field integrals. The flip coil moving wire technique stands out due to simplicity, speed, precision, and accuracy. We aimed to develop a reliable, fast and precise flip coil system capable of characterizing field integrals in the two transverse axes. The coil was a single turn loop made of insulated beryllium copper wire. The width of the loop was 5 mm. The approach of measuring second field integrals by changing the coil’s width at one of the ends was analyzed and included in the system. High-performance motorized stages performed angular and transverse positioning of the coil, while manual stages were used to stretch the wire, execute fine adjustments in its transverse position, and change coil’s geometry. Initial tests with the Earth’s field and also with a reference magnet of 126 Gauss-centimeter ( demonstrated that the system achieves repeatability of 0.2 for a 60-cm long coil. This work was carried out for the LCLS-II project at SLAC.
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