Author: Aiba, M.
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WED01 Experience with Short-Period, Small Gap Undulators at the SwissFEL Aramis Beamline 564
  • T. Schmidt, M. Aiba, A.D. Alarcon, C. Arrell, S. Bettoni, M. Calvi, A. Cassar, E. Ferrari, R. Follath, R. Ganter, N. Hiller, P.N. Juranič, C. Kittel, F. Löhl, E. Prat, S. Reiche, T. Schietinger, D. Voulot, U.H. Wagner
    PSI, Villigen PSI, Switzerland
  • N.J. Sammut
    University of Malta, Faculty of Engineering, Msida, Malta
  The SwissFEL Aramis beamline provides hard X-ray FEL radiation down to 1 Angström with 5.8 GeV and short period, 15 mm, in-vacuum undulators (U15). To reach the maximum designed K-value of 1.8 the U15s have to be operated with vacuum gaps down to 3.0 mm. The thirteen-undulator modules are 4 m long and each of them is equipped with a pair of permanent magnet quadrupoles at the two ends, aligned magnetically to the undulator axis. Optical systems and dedicated photon diagnostics are used to check the alignment and improve the K-value calibration. In this talk the main steps of the undulator commissioning will be recalled and a systematic comparison between the magnetic results and the electron and photon based measurements will be reported to highlight achievements and open issues.  
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About • paper received ※ 28 August 2019       paper accepted ※ 06 November 2019       issue date ※ 05 November 2019  
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Emittance Measurements and Minimization at SwissFEL  
  • E. Prat, M. Aiba, S. Bettoni, P. Craievich, P. Dijkstal, E. Ferrari, R. Ischebeck, F. Löhl, A. Malyzhenkov, G.L. Orlandi, S. Reiche, T. Schietinger
    PSI, Villigen PSI, Switzerland
  The transverse emittance of the electron beam is a fundamental parameter that determines the performance of free-electron-lasers (FELs). In this contribution, we present emittance measurements carried out at SwissFEL, the X-ray FEL facility that recently started to operate at PSI in Switzerland, including a description of our measurement methods and optimization procedures. We obtained slice emittance values at the undulator entrance down to ~200 nm for an electron beam with a charge of 200 pC and an r.m.s. duration of ~30 fs. Furthermore, we achieved slice emittances as low as ~100 nm for 10 pC beams with few femtosecond duration.  
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